DescriptionProduct DescriptionPush To Mute Ducks series is made out of unique combination of soft but durable rubber and plush materials. It is designed in 2 different styles and colour combinations that will perfectly match the most sophisticated tastes. Neylon strap together with plush tail form a handle which makes this dog toy very comfortable to carry and play with.Features & detailsThis fun character duck is part of our Push-to-Mute series featuring endless playtime possibilities. This toy is perfect for outdoor play and will be a firm favourite with dogs and their ownersMade of dura-rubber and soft plush, designed to withstand keen chewers. This also features a high-quality nylon strap with a plush tail handle allowing you to throw the toy farThis is an easy solution for fun, interactive play with your pet, with this plush material and animal shape it will ignite your dog’s animal instinctsPush-to-Mute allows your dog to have a loud squeaky fun while playing with the toy, but it also can be easily turned into a quiet mode for more soothing and noise-free game

Gigwi Squeak Duck Retrive Toy with Push to Mute Pink

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